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anonymous asked: The Tudors + Kiss

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The Borgias Modern!AU:

  RODRIGO BORGIA’S ENFANTS TERRIBLES HAVE IT ALL: the looks, the elegance, the brains to follow their father’s golden path to the highest peek of success. Though a constant presence on magazines’ covers, Lucrezia’s scandalous marriages and Cesare’s  sudden uprising never cease to fuel interest for their very much alluring selves. Give in to your guilty pleasure and have a taste of what it feels like to be the hottest dark stars duo since Bonnie and Clyde (minus the sex). 

Part 20 of the MODERN!AUs series.  Requested by anonymous.

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I never asked to play. The game was too dangerous. One slip and I am dead

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♔ Anne of Cleves By Episode- “Sister” 

"I think….we should all be merry!"

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I was very, very good. You are even better.

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The Tudors Modern!AU:

  WE REMEMBER THEM AS EXTREMELY CHARMING LITTLE GIRLS, BUT TRUTH TO BE TOLD, TIME HAS PASSED FOR THEM TOO. Now that not only Princess Mary but also Princess Elizabeth sports a grown up face and womanly curves (as the menfolk at court are bound to notice soon enough), it’s time for a trip down memory lane. Their stormy childhood, their relationship with their father (and the endless step-mothers’ train), their sisterly bond (and the hard feelings it brings with it). Join us for a chat with these royal, charming ladies, on their petals and their thorns.    

Part 19 of the MODERN!AUs series. Requested by neta07.

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